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Originally Posted by dragon22 View Post
Sheena, it looks good! If you want to try a slightly glossy look on the wheels, you can use the glossifier. It adds a bit of pop without going overboard. I do like the look though!
Thanks Tom!! I like them flat but that may help balance the look a bit...hmmm I think I jynxed spring tho...bloody snow....

my tires are running weird, hard to explain, but overall feel off. I still have to reset my tsp and I can't find find my tire pressure gauge....but I don't think it's air. Doesn't feel like a balancing issue either but could be wrong....I know the tires run different in the cold, but I park in a heated parkade, was there for 11 hours and when I left they feel the same as first thing in the morning.

Any suggestions? Oops just high jacked my own
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