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lol, great video but mine did not go in nearly that simple. in fact i had to remove the filter and put it on last as i needed the extra space to get the box in. also my negative cable was so short/tight that it would barley reach around the intake box. fyi, the entire intake does not need to be removed to change the filter either as it says in the instructions. one small detail that bothered me was that mine came pre-stickered in silver so right away i had to remove the sticker to put on the red ones which left me none for my toolbox :( ive put a bunch of these on friends SS's and mine went in the hardest. very happy they included the fitting for the rx catch can though so i didnt have to drill. still happy with the finished product and also noticed 2 mpg gain on highway as long as i stayed 70 mph or lower, above 70 mileage went back to normal.
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