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Originally Posted by PYROLYSIS View Post
When they decided they were going to change the front and rear ends they really had no choice but to go away from the quad tail lights. Circles have been done, C5-C6 Corvette. The oblong trapezoid looking shape has been done, C7 Vette. I guess they could have slapped four triangles back there but whatever they do the complaints are going to start rolling in. I love the 2013 1LE as much as anybody but I am really excited about getting a 2014 1LE. I cringed in horror as much as anybody when the 2014 was revealed on that cheesy talk show but it grew on me in 2 days and now to the point where I will have no regrets. The complaints about the C7's rear have slowed to a crawl and it's only a matter of time before people start coming around with this new design. It is possible to like both styles, at least from my side of the fence.
That pic is a good angle. I like the front and the heat extractor on the 1LE. Ditch the chrome strip. The back is another story; I think a dark color is necessary to hide the diffuser design. I think the tail lights can be fixed pretty easily with some tinted or nicely designed aftermarket replacements. Much like the current tails, which I think are not good looking in stock form, a small change like blacking out the surrounds makes a night and day difference.

I think the colors that make the 13 pop, the colors with big contrast, will have the opposite effect on the 14. I think on the 14, the more you can blend the better. Dark color and tail light change and I think you have a winner.
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