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Originally Posted by Cookie Monster View Post
I just showed my wife the 2014s and compared them to the 10-13s
She said she likes the 2014s for herself because they look more "feminine". Particularly speaking of the rear lights and front end as a whole.
I don't listen/take advise from my wife too much, but when I do she's usually right. And when she's right, it's usually bad news for me.
I'm trying to decide if I should go with a 2013 or 14 model, and if I go with a 14, she'll definitely want to drive it. And anytime I drive it, I'm going to think about this post and how she said its "feminine"
As a woman, I disagree with your wife. I would not buy a '14. I used the word neutered when the first pix came out. The edges just looked softened, and the taillights and rear in general look dated to me. IMO, the current models are more aggressive and unique.

ETA: I see you're in Detroit! I bought my car from Becky @ Rodgers & had it shipped out here. She was great to work with and gave us great pricing. We added the GM rockers painted & the GM diffuser: Becky & Maureen let us get pieces of the fx kit, and gave us an unbeatable price on parts & labor. (It was still cheaper to go through Becky & pay shipping than the local dealer we priced out.) Maybe you can call her up, get a can't pass up price for a '13, maybe even one on the lot, and get it ASAP.

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