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Wow. I really like the '14 1LE. The blacked out hood makes the vent fit right in. After looking at the side by side pics, the '14 looks more modern than my '11. The rear shot of the 1LE makes the back look slimmer. While I do like the older taillights a little better, the '14 is not ugly just a little plain. Loving the exposed hardware in the back. Overall the new design takes away some of the blocky look of the older car.

And if you like the look of the Z28 you will like the non-RS 1LE. Lower it, add the splitter, side skirts, and remove the wrap and it's the same look. You even get better looking wheels.

While the pre '14 V6 Camaro without the spoiler was the best looking stock Camaro to me, the '14 non-RS 1LE is now my favorite. Make mine a 1SS, non-RS, red with Recaros. After all it's not what the 1LE looks like, it's what it can do.

I am so glad so many like the pre '14 Camaro better. Anyone want to make me an offer on my gorgeous 2011? It's for sale! Get one of the last Camaros before GM ruined it. It even has the coveted Camaro steering wheel.
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