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Originally Posted by 95birdible View Post
If you are not satisfied at the time you go to pick your car up, leave it there until it is 100% to your satisfaction. If you take it home, the dealerships will try and say the problems were caused by you. This way, they cannot do that and as a bonus, time at the dealership counts toward the lemon law.
Oh yes, classic response & easy out for the dealer. Maddening. Take LOTS of iPhone pics with dealership/clock in the background when you drop it off.

Originally Posted by Michael Rophone View Post

Be prepared for: "That wasn't there when we returned the car to you."

Originally Posted by 95birdible View Post
While your dealership may be good, they should not have scratched the paint and ruined your seat. That is just plain shoddy work. On my first car when the top was replaced I got my car back just like I left it. Actually better. It was fully detailed inside and out. Be aware of every little nook and cranny of your car.
Unbeliveable. When I worked at a Pontiac dealership in 1981, we were super careful with customers' cars because it was the right thing to do. Sad to see things have degraded to this point.

Originally Posted by Algeron View Post
I happen to agree.

A coworker told me today that his father had to have his Galaxy 500 in the body shop after someone hit it. Within 3 days, the body shop backed a Mercedes in to the grill and broke the grill. The next night, the left the car on the rack and lifted, and the rack dropped the car. They are still checking to see if there is any frame damage.

I do IT work, and I treat every machine I touch like I own it. I don't get the carelessness that goes on at this point.
Same here, I'm an IT trainer and never skimp on a class, and treat mechanical things the same way. Does nobody care about the job they do anymore?

Scared to take my vert in for rear window road noise. Wondering what I'll do when 3 year warranty is up. This car is *too beautiful* to trade, but what else would be the same or better - Corvette? Lexus? Mercedes? No, because they are not the hot stuff that is a Camaro. I hope the stars align and I don't have to get rid of this car because the warranty expires.
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