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Originally Posted by ZooDad View Post
So guys, I'm in SoCal for work and toughed out the traffic from 3:45 to 5:00 (45 miles) to talk with the guys at FR. Arrived minutes after 5:00, and the door was still unlocked. I was greeted by Dave and Doug was on the phone. I explained who I was and just wanted to talk and maybe see the Style 41 wheel in person. They graciously invited me in and made me feel at home. Sitting on the desk next to where I was standing was the newly posted Black 20*11 with the Red Stripe. It is hand painted stripe, I checked and looks fantastic.
The quality on these wheels is great. The looks are second to none. I have read some people questioning the "painted surface" of the black wheels. They have an OEM ZL1 wheel in the office, this finish is a ton better than OEM. The OEM has that powder coat "orange peel" look. The Style 41 wheels are smooth. Also the whole inner wheel is painted unlike the OEM which appears to be fogged.
Dave also showed be the original sample that GM squashed. The chrome is clean and smooth.
We talked about sizing and tires also. Was looking at 10/11 combo, but maybe the 9/10 combo now for the 275/295 package. I will just have to wait and see. Then Dave said want to see the warehouse. Let me tell you, it's packed with wheels. every size, style and color. All neatly organized and arranged. They have started to stock up on tires in anticipation of the Style 41 arriving. They have a state of the art mounting machine and balancing machine in-house.

I guess to wrap up the long winded post is that Doug and Dave had no idea who I am (nobody), just someone who walked in and wanted to talk about Camaro wheels. They offer a great product with great options for a great price. I am looking forward to seeing the Polished option, but the Black with Machine is awesome. If you are on the fence... Jump you will not regret it. I know where I am going to get my wheels from and will recommend them without hesitation.


ZooDad (Keith)
Talking to Doug, and Dave on the phone, I'm not surprised they gave you the royal treatment.

Thanks for sharing your experience, and taking time out of your day to visit them..

Talking to Dave on the phone, I could tell goog customer service is top priority..

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