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Originally Posted by NFRNOSS View Post
I've been driving mine daily to work and back I live in the north, near empire theatres 16.
I have friends in the area and am up that way quite a bit, will look for ya!

Originally Posted by mhoskins76 View Post
I was in Calgary last weekend and saw quite a few. Saw a nice Ashen Grey one that was done up nicely. Black rims, body kit, dark tinted windows.
I know they are out, just not very many of them yet!!

Originally Posted by Everest View Post
I've had mine out a few times. I'm in deep south Calgary and i'm just waiting for the Deerfoot gravel pit to be cleaned up before driving north south. Davenport just installed new headers and an exhaust and I had to brave Deerfoot with all those rocks everywhere, not good man not good.

I'll be driving around this weekend for sure but most likely just staying south.

I HATE deerfoot! Was driving a client to the airport from the south end of the city and I got hit with a massive boulder in the windshield (exaggeration but it sounded massive, I let out a big f bomb) ....left an ugly crack...actually just picked up another rock on Friday down on 17th ave and by yesterday it spread all the way across...

All winter, nothing, 2 in 2 weeks...grr...

There's a few up by me in the NW, one of the guys at my dealer's service department lives in the same area and I also have a twin Camaro around the corner from me. He works overseas, so not out very often and only in the summer.

I forgot I got in behind a red 4th gen as well. Was a bit weathered, but in decent shape.
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