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Originally Posted by kalamajama View Post
Very infomative. Geting ready to do mine this week. Can you tell me the order of install with the WW reservoir relocation, CAI, and the big gulp? I think somebody on the thread had said he might do it differently if doing it again. looked easy though.
A few have said the reservoir is easier to engage the bottom mounting grommet with the factory intake removed and the Roto-fab not yet installed. If you go this route, install the tank, but don't route the tank outlet hose to the pump until after you have installed the air box as the line will run along the bottom of the air box, then drop down to the pump.

The WW pump itself may be easier to mount before installing the Big Gulp.

Another thing to keep in mind during the process- iif you have the stock WW reservoir completely out of the way before installing the Roto-fab, you have the possibility of damaging the pleates of the filter with the neck of the WW reservoir during removal.

Aside from these minor points, I don't think the install order really is too important. If you have any pointers after doing yours, please share them as you certainly arent' the first to ask.
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