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Originally Posted by Southern Comfort View Post
Having washed mine a couple of times I think the extra black plastic in key places will help. The lower side of the quarters and rear collect a lot of road film and grit. It always requires extra attention when cleaning, and extra care has to be taken when washing it. Otherwise you run the risk of scratching up the paint.

Looks like exhaust can go in and out easier with this diffuser. A manufacturing and maintenance plus.

Also, some mechanical stuff looks good if clean and symmetrical like this pic.

As for pics, everyone is encouraged follow the link to the REAL thread at:
You should really think about getting a set of rear ZL1 splash guards. They can be had for about $60 for a pair and they install really easily. Tramtwo has a nice DIY on it.
They are very subtle but will help keep the rear quarters from getting sand blasted by the rear tires.
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