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Originally Posted by CFD View Post
The shifter I have been working on is one that you would tap side to side and is one of the options I had in mind. The problem is it is so much work to design and build these shifters and fixtures for only a few is cost prohibitive. I have already figured out switch activation the problem WAS combining it with the release mechanism and mechanical function of the shifter. While machining some of the components is when the idea came to me. This idea will allow the use of the same basic components and more importantly the same tooling and fixtures. If it does work as I think it will I will offer them already set up or if someone has purchased a shifter and then decided to try this it could be done at a reasonable cost without purchasing a new shifter. Keep in mind if it does not work I probablly will not design a new one from scratch.
Are you still developing a ratchet style shifter?
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