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Originally Posted by nyadk5thgen View Post
might want to take a 1/4" socket wrench with a 10mm socket and snug em' up a bit....did it to mine which was leaking and they were not that tight ...i ran the car and seems ok (havent driven it yet this season)....unfortunately i think my oil pan is leaking
I have a 2010 SS with under 12,000kms (7500mi.) on it with similar issues.

I had some loose bolts too, and had them tightened, and helped with leak/sweat.
However, still some minor sweat and/or drip around oil cooler/crankcase area, will monitor as I don't drive the car all the time, and it doesn't leak all the time. I eventually will bring it into the dealer to get checked out.

I called GM and they said it should be covered under "powertrain warranty".
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