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Color Conundrum

Sup guys,

I love my car and when I say love, I mean LOVE, as I'm sure you all do as well. However, my affinity does not stop me from day dreaming about the NEXT camaro I own.

That being said, with all things being the same, assuming no new colors are offered and none are taken away (R.I.P IOM), if you were to buy a new Camaro in the future, would you stick with your current color choice or go a different route?

Me prersonally? Well, I have a silver ice metallic with black racing stripes and other black accents, (Bowties, gills, etc) and I adore her but I do think that the next one would either be IOM (if it were still offered) Or summit white with black accents. The summit white has really grown on me and I find myself drawn to it more and more..

How bout you guys?
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