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Had a little fun with an SS today

We were on our way home and this SS is screaming but on the opposite side of the road and he cuts over and pops a u-turn. He gets right up next to us at the red light and revs his engine, he doesn't have a stock exhaust so me and my dad decided it'd be best for us to not rev our engine because it would have been shameful. (Luckily we are going to be putting in a new exhaust soon) but we were riding down the road for a while and he comes up behind us flying go's for a little bit and drops back, just having a good time. WE DID NOT RACE. Just putting thy out there. But it was our first experience in the new camaro so I had to post it. He also had the heritage grill too. And he didn't have stock exhaust at all. Sounded awesome! Anyways had to post about me and my dads first drive with somebody else! It was AWESOME looking forward to more ride with other camaro owners!
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