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Originally Posted by DroptopZ View Post
I love SW and would do it all over again (other than how much the dirt shows, it is AWESOME!). Rather than straight black accents, I find that I really like the cyber gray stripe package and the black vinyl on the rear (check my photo album). The CGM gives just enough *pop* that is a little different than the black you always see. Just my $0.02
All of your $0.02 is exactly what I was after. =)

I initially wasn't big on the SW, but for some reason lately it's really appealed to me. I think any color is hard to keep clean.. well... clean by my standards at least lol.

The silver never really looks dirty from far away but upclose it gets filthy. Especially this time of year with all the pollen. Every day I leave work and I have a nice hint of green.. its 5x more noticeable on the black racing stripes..
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