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IMO the 2014 1LE is the best looking camaro. I LOVE the hood and the new front end is far more aggressive. The rear end isn't too bad and is growing on me actually. I don't mind the tail lights and the diffuser is said to eliminate some ballooning problems though I wish it could be body color matched or black. Glad the mail slot is a thing of the past- i never liked it but to each his own. I also love the look of that silver car! If I were in the market for a 2014 Camaro, I'd go 1LE all the way. Great looking car. Better looking than the zl1 and the z/28. I also think those red calipers stand out so much nicer than the black on the z's. Do they say Camaro or brembo? Can't tell. Add in the recaro's and wow!

And for the record, I drive a manual CTS-V, have driven a manual camaro SS and a manual zl1, and I think the SS felt just as fast as its supercharged brothers.

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