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Hey IRPQ11 - can you confirm your Dynolicious app settings - are you rolling with defaults in all cases (other than your vehicle specifics of course)? I just bought the app, after reading this thread.

Also, to confirm what I've read and/or what I'm seeing in your video... have the L99, stock with no engine mods? held the Traction Control button for 7 seconds (whatever) to disengage all the control goodies? have the tranny in D? held your foot on the brake at idle and revved the engine to about 1500rpm before flooring the peddle and letting your foot off the brake, with the gas peddle pegged to the floor? We used to call these "break stands" because they were bad, bad, bad back in the day. No longer the case these days?

Thank you for indulging my questions, sir.

Also, for those looking at mounting alternatives, I have one of these for my iPhone... it works great for holding it securely in either cupholder.... and, according to the Dynolicious user manual, will hold the iPhone in a perfect position for using the app... while keeping it out of the way and line of sight. iSqueez (I had to dig around the Internet but was able to find one without issue).

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