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i agreee pay as much as you can each month so you can build equity on your loan that way you possibly can have a little left over after trade so you can put toward a new car i did that with my first of 3 camaros i traded my 2011 1lt/rs in for 22000 it had 9000 miles on it for a 2012 45th worked out great payment increase of around 150 a month ....also when your looking for that ss aDO NOT LET THE DEALER KNOW YOUR LOOKING TO TRADE IN negotiate your price first for the ss then after you haggle with them tell them youve decided to go ahead and trade in it also helps if you have some quotes from other dealers that way you ccan make them battle for your business i also went to carmax and told my dealer to match or beat it .....the reason being you dont tell them you want to trade is because they factor that in to your final price and you dont always win they will be like ok we ill give this guy a great deal on trade in that way he feels comfortable with us then not budge on the new car price they play all kinds of games i like to think ive gotten pretty good at it after 8 cars in the past 6 years hahahaha best of luck man o i also got my 2ss/rs 45th aniversary for 33700 otd and my 2013 2ss/rs 1LE (ordered it special from gm so i lost some haggle room) for 39000 otd not trying to brag just wanting you to know you can get them low if you play the game right
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