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Originally Posted by CamaroFTW View Post
It would be nice if your posted some pics here and on your website of what you are getting for your money and what the parts look like. Never seen a sale for something where everything is so "mysterious". Is the controller the same one everyone else is offering right now or something more custom made? Please post pics!
CamaroFTW, thanks for the suggestion. We haven't been trying to be mysterious, and we can probably start showing more. Since this has been a pre-sale of a new product, we have been reluctant to post photos as the final look of the product has been changing some as we were finalizing the harnesses with our harness manufacturing partner.

If you read the NightOwl introduction thread (link in my signature) I talk about that we custom-designed and manufactured our own controllers. These are very high quality boards using the latest technology. We do not use any third-party controllers like you can find on ebay. Our boards are designed and built to the highest standards. We even have our boards plated with gold for durability and long life.

We will post some photos this weekend. We have a sample of our finished wiring harnesses and assembled HP controller in the case, but we have not received our first batch of completed production harnesses from our partner yet. Those are due to arrive at the end of next week.

We have been very transparent in our process, but things like pictures of non-production parts can lead to problems if the final product doesn't look like we had posted (even if we caveat the photos heavily). But I think that we can show more at this point.


P.S. We're working on videos now of a lot of different things to explain the products.
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