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Originally Posted by mkorgan View Post
I totally get the gearing taking mph off the top but if these #'s are accurate I don't quite understand the 0-60 time @ 4.2. It just seems to me that if I throw a 3:91 gear in the car, take 300 pounds off her, and have the hp/torque #'s we have been told that it should be sub 4. I know you don't time a road course car from a dead stop so I get it is irrelevant for the purpose of the car but I just find that a bit odd. I am not slamming the car, especially since this is all speculation it just seems to not add up to me.
500hp and 317 lb-ft crank hp/tq will break traction of 325/30-19" Trofeos while rolling in 1st gear at 10-15mph on a 911. Therefore it makes perfect sense to me that a car with smaller tires, front weight bias, and ~183 more lb-ft tq simply can't put down the power through 305's for a shocking 0-60 time.

And...if it has the close ratio gearbox, it likely needs a shift before 60 mph which will make the 0-60 time longer.

We have no idea if this speculated information is correct, and if it is, I just don't care. It doesn't matter for those of us who will use the car for its intended purpose.
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