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Honestly I feel different why piss away money paying the car if you have no plans to keep it all you are pissing away money you can save for the SS. IMHO sell the 2LT buy a beater car for say $1000 and save the money you were going to spend on the monthly car payment and in 1-2 years you could have a nice down payment.

I do not see what sense it makes to pay on the 2LT for say 2-3 years. Let’s say you financed $27k for your 2LT that comes out roughly to $4500 a year you will pay over 6 years that’s $375 a month. Now fast forward 2 years from now your 2LT is worth say $17k but you still owe say $21k due to finance charges you are already upside down $4k plus $35k for an SS so in the end you are going to finance $40k for a SS when you could have financed a whole lot less buy saving your $$$ and putting down a big down payment on car you want.
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