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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
lol...we hope. You have to remember with the Dodge Challenger SRT, they couldn't even tune that thing until fairly recently.

Just hope that GM doesn't work extra hard to make the next gen even more difficult to mod. The V8 will be very similar to this V6.
Many many many more tuners will be investing in it. It will be the same ECU and engine etc as the Corvette. The Camaro/Corvette aftermarket scene is way too big for someone not to be able to properly tune it. Different can of worms than the 2010-2011 V6. Less people were willing to invest money to tune a V6 and even less once it switched to the Delphi/LFX.

People freaked out when GM switched from the (old) LT1 engine to the LS series. People said when OBDII came out that after market tuning would die. It didn't.

I'm not too worried about the new LT1 not being able to be tuned.
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