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Originally Posted by 87GNX View Post
He's the head engineer so his word is pretty good for now. I think the next stang platform (s550) will be based off the Lincoln, it's smaller "cts like" in length/width. Weight will probably be near 3400 +/- 50lbs.
Which is pretty much what the next Camaro should be given the ATS's weight range of 3315* to 3461. I realize there will be some weight gain due to Chevy using fewer lightweight components in the chassis itself, but that should be offset by fewer heavy sound deadening and other high-end luxury components. I'd be willing to bet the base model alpha Camaro will come in under 3400 and the V6 under 3500.

* 3315 pounds is the curb weight for the ATS 2.5L, the 2.0L turbo curb weight is 3373 (A) and 3403 (M)

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