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Remember, no hill assist on that one, and that's a good thing.

I'd say it's so up to what will make you happy. First, you can get them down on that price, so if it's about the money then get that one and low ball them. But if you think you'd be happier with the upgrades on a '13 you have to go that way. But that's a lot of money off on that one, and it should be.

I'll say this, that money you save on it could definitely go to performance parts.

Going with the two things Mcchuck and BDBiker were saying, screw whether they are putting rebates on top of rebates and whether you are getting dicked around, go in there hard and don't fall in love with the car. If they jerk you around, employ some colorful metaphors and expletives. Look, those guys are pros, you aren't going to hurt their feelings, if you do they are in the wrong business. My last Harley I bought, I had the sales manager in there turning red and pissed, but what do I care, I'm not paying sticker as his place when others will give me a deal, **** him.

Be hard, ready to walk out, you don't like red, you don't like the spoiler, whatever, make them feel like they need to sell you the car, play the game better than them. And don't be afraid to say $#%@@#$ **** %^&$$&$#@@@ and turn around and walk out.

For the record, they're are salespeople, yes there is a point in being rude to them.
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