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Originally Posted by Angrybird 12 View Post
It always baffles me that people spend anywhere from $24K to over $50K for a car that they don't drive but occasionally. Letting one sit in a garage most of the time does no good for the car or the owner. Unless you are out driving these cars what enjoyment does it provide?
Again who knows what tomorrow will bring, you could end up losing your job, contracting a terminal illness, or have an accident where you will never be able to drive your Camaro again. You better enjoy it while you can. You can always buy another car or have yours restored. Don't waste a day, life's too short to save your car for the next owner.
well said ^^^^^^^^

picked up the Z in aug 2013 with 3 miles on it
8500 miles later and not my daily driver
picked up the ss/1le in dec 2013 with 12 miles almost 5000 miles as of today
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