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Originally Posted by kjkjr27 View Post
Thanks much better than what it was haha.

Sorry haha been so busy with school but I'm almost done. So far I only have the front rotors on and I did notice an increase in breaking. Prob nothing compared to what it will be one the pads are on. I thought about upgrading to brembos but it was just cheaper to get new rotors and pads. Then I wasn't sure if I wanted the increase in weight since I don't put out that much power to need them. I'll try to get the brakes done ASAP so I can tell ya how it feels.
i hear you on the weight of the brembos....if all goes well with the zo6 brake conversion they'll def add alot of weight... 23.4 a piece for the front calipers!

But seriously man your car is looking sick and deserves a COTW...btw if youre looking for a good deal on springs i saw some hotchkis springs on ebay for cheap and some Eibachs on autoanything for cheap too if you want to drop
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