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Originally Posted by Normagene View Post
I know lots of folks have purchased the Roto Fab CAI. I'm getting closer to putting in my order, but does it really increase power? I've read an increase of approx 20/22 HP. And does that increase affect the exhaust sound. Faster and louder, that gets a sale from me. I don't want anything that effects my warranty so this intake sounds like a good deal. Any feedback is truly appreciated. The longer you've had it installed the better, really like to hear your opinion.

Are you serious or joking around? You post here everyday as do I and I know you have read the numerous praises for the Roto-Fab intake? You have seen the same before and after charts? Just buy the damn thing already, how many posts have you read that are titled, "I removed my Roto-Fab because it didn't do exactly what the others have said"?

Are your kids using the computer again? Password protect it just in case.
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