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Definitely nice. The driver makes all the difference for sure.

However, you're leaving out important details, here's the post of what the guy did to his car:
"Im still getting used to launching on the factory 18's but after some practice I managed a 1.926 60 ft and a 12.960 @ 107.09 mph.

The only bolt ons are my X-pipe and Steeda upper control arm.

The car is untuned as well.

I did pull some weight out of the car. With the front swaybay,spare tire /jack assembly, weights taken off of the rear and a 1/4 tank of gas it came in at 3380 tonight. I weigh 165 so my race weight is about 3545."
Impressive for sure, but more modifications (weight reduction) then you're leading us to believe.

Nice for sure though.
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