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Originally Posted by Camss57 View Post
Have you driven a 1LE? Every person who has and every magazine review says otherwise. What you get for $3500 a real upgrade over a standard SS. I think it was Motor Trend that said the 1LE package take the Camaro from "pig to pony". Sounds like it is worth every penny to me.
No I haven't. I haven't even seen a 1LE in my area (cold weather, I think that's why). Although, in my case, I couldn't justify spending that amount of money if I do not go to the track.

As I said, I don't go to the track so I wouldn't be able to enjoy what the package is for. I live in a place where it's usually cold, and a Camaro being my DD, I would have to change the wheels. Also, I'm sure that a normal SS could pull better numbers with the wheels that the 1LE has. So having to remove the wheels would semi defeat the purpose of a track package.

I could turn in an intersection at 30mph or get off a curved freeway ramp at 60 mph to "push" the car and get my money's worth out of the track package, but I really try not to be a reckless driver.

So in my case, I would only choose to get the 1LE for the looks. Since it would only be for the looks, I would just get aftermarket cosmetic stuff and it would be a lot cheaper. Only downside would be getting called a poser here at camaro5.
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