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Originally Posted by firestone_ss View Post
we are not all punk kids, some of us are actually very good at our jobs and have mounted wheels and tires worth 10x what your wheels are worth,go to any clean well maintained shop and be up front with your concerns and youll be fine.Some of us even own Camaros too
True, but that's why I want to make sure. :P

Originally Posted by azrickster View Post
I have always taken all my cars to Discount Tire.
We've only been in Oregon for about two months, but have always used Discount Tire with great results. They guarantee everything. We have chormed OEM rims with Pirelli's and I took the car in for a rebalanced before I left Phoenix.
Of the four tires, two of them needed to rotated for better ballance. Both rims got scratched on the dismount machine. I was mortified! But the manager immediately jumped on the phone and arranged to get me two brand new rims to the store within hours. The new rims were back on the car the same day - of course all at no charge. If they couldn't get them in that day, they were going to have them shipped to Oregon and arrange to have them installed here.

Glad it worked out for you, but YIKES! They screwed up two rims? See, that would not work for me. You can't just buy my rims, that's why I'm so concerned and trying to prevent that issue... :\

Originally Posted by GEEKFREEKSCOTTY View Post
+1 for Jessie.. I bought my Rims/Tires from him.. he gave me great service and a great price.

They didn't mess up my wheels when they put them on the car.
Sounds like I'll be sending my tires there from Tirerack. Thanks for the recommendations guys. I'll let you know how it turns out.
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