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Originally Posted by BaylorCamaro View Post
Valid point. But the ECU is written by a human, which means a human can break it. IF we were talking about the V6 then I'd say we might see the same issue as the 2010-2011 V6s. However the big V8's will have adequate attention focused on tuning it, I think.
Yes and no. Yes, every code can be cracked but you sure can make it hard as hell for someone to do it. The challengers use a random encryption and I think they are barely starting to be able to get into those

Originally Posted by Can't_C_Me View Post
Just looked at a few Mustang V6 videos with root and centri style chargers and they don't make much more power than the C5's. Only one i seen make 427rwhp with a procharger. Cant wait to see the numbers for this kit.

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Yea they might make almost the same amount of horsepower but they seem to put up drastically different times than out v6s
How I wish our cars could do this


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