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Cam/Heads NEED INFO!!

First off let me say this will be my weekend car, i will probably drive here about 3 days a week. so ill push her a little harder than a daily driver but not to much

so, im looking into getting heads and cam in the middle of the summer, and all my research so far im pretty sure what cam i'll go with, just a mild comp cam VVT Phaser limiter.
but when it comes to heads is where everything has to work in sink with each other. (with my whipple also)

my questions regarding the ported heads are basically everything haha
who has a set up with a supercharger/cam/heads.
what compression are you running? what bore would compliment the supercharger more
what heads did you go with?
what springs, valves, rocker arms
What angle of the valves

basically any good information on these L99/LS3s to give me some ideas on whats the best way to go. because i cant find anything good online, that is about a camaros
Whipple, Heads/Cam, headers, 2800 stall, 3.73 Gears, Borlas
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