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I'm probably at 12,000 miles a year, still have 2 months to go, but that's what it'll be ish,

my plan is before it hits 50,000 miles buy something else, a 6th gen maybe, and put mine in the garage for special occasions, weekends, road trips, track time, whatever. That way in 20 years I'll still be able to enjoy my car with minimal rebuilds. Frankly it's not possibly having to rebuild the engine, trans, rearend, those sorts of things that bother me, its interior being abused and falling apart. But I keep my car real clean, as clean as a daily driver can be, no french fries sitting in it stinking it up, no kids(actually no one) in the back seat kicking the front seats and messing up the upholstery.

So maybe it's not the mileage, how rough are those miles. And maybe what is the quality of the car. I'm just seeing my friend's 4th gen, 2000 Z28, so 13 yrs old, 160,000 miles maybe, absolutely falling apart, driver seat won't stay up without something wedged behind it, dings and dents, anything plastic on inside is hanging by a thread. He finally broke down and got a Cruze to get him around. But before that I'd laugh when he would Zaino it. At best he was polishing a turd, but it didn't really help.
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