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Originally Posted by Sesiom Summers View Post
+1 same as me I just thumb up or use the lights, only to Fbodys dont know thats wrong with 5th gen owners
To kind of answer these, I don't feel that I am magically fall into some club because I'm driving a Camaro and so is the other guy. I don't think that everyone that drives a 5th Gen is a car person. You know it's a new car, so some people buy it just for transportation as opposed to a truck or a honda or a Ford. So I don't wave at anyone unless I know them. If someone waves at me I'll holler at them, even roll down my window in case we are in traffic together. I wouldn't mind being friendly to all Camaro drivers, but there are a lot of 5th Gens near me, near campus, that are college age kids, most of them drive V6's, and they don't give a crap about car culture. I kind of got turned off on the whole, you drive one, I drive one because they just didn't respond to me early on. But when I go to a car show or a club meet or the drag strip in the area things change 100%, but at that point I know, Camaro or something different, that I'm around car people.

So wave at me, I'll wave back, but I'm not waiving at them just to be ignored

ps, I have found no matter what generation that the older the driver usually the friendlier they are. The guys and gals that were around for the first muscle car era and now have a 5th Gen are usually the ones that wave in traffic around here
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