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I don't believe it has ever happened to me that I am aware of. But being black all the ZL1 stuff just blends in to the rest of the car. Plus there are no fewer than 4 black V6 5th Gen Camaros that I see in traffic, or drive by their house, on a daily basis, and I have a mile and half drive each way, plus no fewer than 2 Black 5th Gen SS's that I see several other days a week. So we probably all blend together in lay people's eyes. That's just the black ones, Red, Yellow all over and one white one with pink stripes, bowties, gills, and anything else that one could paint pink. It is a girl car, I confirmed.

And then there is a Black '68 SS or SS clone, whatever, that I pass every single day, haven't seen it driven, it's in an apartment parking lot. If I ever see someone with it I'm definitely going to talk to them.

And a disclaimer to the no one ever takes pictures, I'm a fast food aficionado, and up until recently all the guys working the different fast food windows would always, always ask if it was custom, and they were always surprised to here all that stuff on it came from the factory, but no pics
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