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Originally Posted by oklapike View Post
Which is pretty much what the next Camaro should be given the ATS's weight range of 3315* to 3461. I realize there will be some weight gain due to Chevy using fewer lightweight components in the chassis itself, but that should be offset by fewer heavy sound deadening and other high-end luxury components. I'd be willing to bet the base model alpha Camaro will come in under 3400 and the V6 under 3500.

* 3315 pounds is the curb weight for the ATS 2.5L, the 2.0L turbo curb weight is 3373 (A) and 3403 (M)
Thats if GM uses the ATS version for the Camaro. All indicators I have from sources I trust put the Camaro on the CTS version of Alpha or a hybrid version thats an in betweener so to speak. The weights for this Alpha chassis have only been seen for the premium luxury version, its a little to early speculate where the Camaro version will end up or if GM will allow all the aluminum and titanium bits to trickle down.

I would like to think a 33xx base and 36xx lb V8 Camaro is a real possiblity this time around. I also know that GM is scared as hell to mess with the success of the 5th gen. My hunch, and thats all it is, a hunch, is that youll see a ever so "slightly" lighter car in roughly similar dimensions to the 5th gen. My jaw would be on the floor if they actually built a ATS sized Camaro with ATS like weight like I would want.
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