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Originally Posted by Nutbutt View Post
In the winter when the temps were in the 30's and 40's I would empty every other tank of gas. That would be about 750 miles since I don't run past 1/4 tank very often. It is just water water with a little oil. Now that the weather is in the 60s-70s I still empty every other fillup but the amount is probably cut in half. The amount surprised me also but the guys at Jennety's said this was normal for Centifugial SC in NewEngland.
I recently went to a Saikou Michi Custom Catch can that allows install up front so emptying is a lot easier. The can is a lot better catch system inside the can.
This is good to know. Sunny S. Utah is about the driest place you'd want to be, so hopefully I won't need to access mine too often.

NB- did you order directly from Saikou and could you PM me the details about size and style you chose? Thanks!
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