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Mod 3: Cold Air Inductions Cold Air Intake System

Price: $399.99 + $17.00 S&H
Recomendation: I would recommend purchasing this CAI system. Great Customer Service.

After much deliberation I decided to go with the Cold Air Inductions CAI system. Unlike many of the other companies that make cold air intake systems for every vehicle on the road - Cold Air Inductions focuses on the GM family of vehicles with a few exceptions (such as challenger intake systems). I was also considering the Roto-Fab CAI system and the Injen CAI system. Injen received solid reviews for the 2010-11 V6 camaro's but I could not find any systems installed in the updated '12 LFX engine. Roto-Fab was also high on my list but was on the expensive side and did not include a fully enclosed air box like the Cold Air Inductions system.

The Installation took under a half hour. It was fairly straightforward except for the airbox which took a little shimmying to get it in place; However, once it was in place it fit like a glove! The lid was a little problematic getting the half turn screws locked in and required a little re-adjustment of the box but as you can see in the photos it fit perfectly once aligned properly

Performance Gains:
I have not taken my car to a Dyno but even without the numbers I can feel and hear the additional power. Shifting from 1st to 2nd (Only Manual Camaro's for this guy) and giving the car a little throttle, an immediately noticeable deep roar is present. These deeper tones only increase as the RPM's climb. The car is also much more responsive to the gas then before. The nice bass tones (as much as a V6 can put out anyways lol) continue up through all the gears, although they are not as noticeable in 6th. According to CAI, the system provides an average 17 RWHP gain on my car.

As far as fuel economy, I seem to have increased about 1 MPG over my previous driving; however, I feel that I am pushing the car harder now because of how awesome it sounds so I am probably not realizing the full gains added by the system.

CAI recommends that you check the filter periodically to ensure that it has not become loose on the system. DO THIS! After about two weeks of driving with the CAI system I started noticing diminished throttle response and a lack of the deep tones I had become accustom too. The engine was also idling hard. Sure enough, after popping the hood, I saw that the filter had worked its way off and was sitting in the air box

I reattached it and made doubly sure that everything was extremely tight. It has been a week since reattaching the filter and I have not had any problems; however, I now carry a screwdriver in my glovebox just in case

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