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Originally Posted by AKA-22 View Post
looks like ??? duh ! i know what it looks like ...was wanting to see what kind of job on fit and finish....and yes my dealer denies there is a problem along with alot of other dealers on previous forums on this topic.....
The part is not new. It is the same part but the manufacturing defect has been fixed. There is no different "fit" or "finish" it is the same minus that ugly bubble, but for your convenience I have some before and after pictures attached.

Besides what I mentioned above on your dealer call Chevy direct and give your dealer some feedback via that route. I've been to two dealers about this issue and both immediately pulled up the information provided in this forum (PIC) with zero problems. If your 2012 is under warranty, it will be covered.

Also, if you don't mind me asking: Is that your black Camaro in your sig? I like the headlights/side signals look, what are they?



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