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I've been reading right along with your comments on the Z-28. I drove one Camaro when it first came out and thought it handled well but thought the visibilty was horrible from the drivers seat. Way too many blind spots for me. I had a limited edition (california) 1985 TPI Iroc-z back when, it was number 105 according to GM Van Nuys staff. They sent me a letter confirming that number as per my request. There were 250 Red ones and 250 Black ones built. It wasn't a very powerful car but it handled like a slot car. It was easy to see from.
The tail lites on the current model have been a deal breaker for me since the Gen 5 came out. I was happy they didn't go retro like Ford and Dodge because they can go anywhere in design without killing some retro model but I could just not get past the rear droopy tail lites. I could have gotten used to the blind spots (looks like you guys have) but things have changed. I particularly like the new taill lites and grille on the upcoming model. As consumers we are fortunate that Chevy has offered a new model to the Camaro lineup although it may not have something for everyone. They have stated that it's not for everyone but I'd be willing to bet that in 10 years people are going to be wishing they had popped for one when they could. Since they priced the Vette at $51,995 I suspect the price the Z will bring will be created more by the Dealer than by Chevy. There will be a host of wealthy people stepping up to get one putting it out of reach for the average guy. I think many will be surprised by the actual msrp. I likely won't own any of the newer Camaro's because I have an old Chevelle SS that holds it's own all these years later. No a/c no power steering, no 4 wheel disc brakes but it does have a cd changer and it doesn't handle anything like your Camaro's but unless you are in the 9 second quarter mile zone you're going to be in my mirror. Those who opt for the Z-28 will have a dang nice ride because we have no idea what will follow this generation. Regards, Dan
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