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I have been waiting for the 2014 ZL1 for 3 years now, since the 2012 was announced and I start preparing myself for it. I really thought that the 2014 production was going to be something out of the hook (better performance and look)! I know it is hard to do something better then what was already close to a masterpiece (in my opinion), but please GM do something more for the ZL1... I know it is the moment to spend more time on Z/28 project, but please... The ZL1 it is a rare car, and it deserves it!

The ZL1 demands the different, demands parts that are different from the others. In my opinion I did not like the looks of the new spoiler for the ZL1 or even the rear diffuser. The spoiler on the Z/28 it is amazing, why not get that exact one for the ZL1? I fell in love with that spoiler! And that colour of the Z/28, please make it happen for the production, I don't care how much, just got to have it!!

About the 2012 front in the 2014 front, I know it is for cooling purposes but why not a different grill, or a little change? Why not the new front with redesigned cooling ducts for better cooling/breath? From my understanding the Z/28 also needs lots of air, but was that breath decision made because of the forced induction of the SC? The air intake of both cars are in the same area, is there a huge difference on air quantity?

Please GM, do some changes in this ZL1 (on the pictures), I have been waiting for long and change a lot in my life for this car, and I still want one in my garage!

I will be waiting

And I kinda like the taillights of the Z/28 better than the LED ones. And the new hood looks awesome (but the extractor I didn't like much)! Good job!

By the way, thanks for the post!
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