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seeing those pictures hurts. the zl1 is a complete mismatched. they could of keep the old rear end until the next gen arrives. with that diffuser so high -i know gm wanted for it to look less big butt--but now your eyes are seeing much more the lower part, of that rear bumper, and it's unfinished very ugly . like a cheap kit that's missing a lot of parts.

and what about that oversize dungeon hole for the license plate?? ouch! what a poor design. it's absurd. awful ugly you name it. that rear end just don't fit in there. the old versio had a better flow more tone down much more well incorporated in the bumper. why not making 2 bumpers euro and us??

even on the new vette the diffuser is way too high. my plan was to order a 2014 zl1,in january .. i guess i have to chase down 2013, or make a quick order while it's still in production.....
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