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Originally Posted by dragon22 View Post
Sheena, I am going to be doing mine this year. I have/use the Adam's products. Since I had the hood spears put on my car, I clayed, polished the hood to get the slight surface scratches out of it, sealed the paint and put a coat of wax on it. I put one of my cloths on the hood today and it slid off. One way to see if your car needs claying is lightly rub your fingers over it. It will probably feel rough. Then put your hand in a baggie and rub your paint. It will feel like gravel!

I'm willing to give tips. Product? On your car, the Zaino polishes would work amazing on it! They will tend to give it lots of depth and a wet look. Don't get me wrong...Adam's has great products, but I know how well Zaino works on the darker cars. Zaino is expensive, but keep in mind around 1 ounce should do the whole car.

I will warn you, like I warned Rob. There is a LOT of work to detailing a vehicle if you want the paint perfect! LOL LOL There are more abrasive polishes you can buy to speed up the process and different polishers as well. Go to and watch the videos. They are VERY good videos. Then you can look up The Junkman on Youtube as well. He's a supporter of Adam's polishes.

Let me know if you guys would like a hand.
so adams work better on lighter cars like SIM... and zaino works better on darker cars? I've been using Zaino from day 1 and its given me a good look... but not that DEEEP LUSTRE WAXY LOOK... which i've kinda wanted

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