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Originally Posted by Mr Twisty View Post
Don't matter what you were driving, very nice skills there... enjoyed the vids
Thanks! Perhaps some vids will be made someday with the Z/28...

Originally Posted by b4z View Post
I agree. The CC brakes should be optional. Their price point alone will exclude some buyers. I guess the smart thing would be to take them off and put the zl1 rotors on. The Z/28 is 300 lbs lighter and will have superior braking performance anyway.
The problem with that idea is that the Z/28 was built for use at the track. I'm betting that the CC brakes are necessary to avoid overheat/fade on a 3800lb car with 500hp. If you want consistent, fade free brake performance on a heavy car with lots of power, you need the CC brakes. Take a look at the GT500. Overheats at laguna seca after only one lap.
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