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Originally Posted by cbass View Post
Which mustang and which camaro?

As for as I know only a pre 2012 camaro ss has been tested. There was a suspension revision since then. Also the camaro was always tested against the track pack mustangs with gearing, suspension, and other improvements.

The track pack camaro pulls over 1g's. The ZL1 pulls over 1g's.

The GT500 pulls 0.98g's
I'm comparing a GT to an SS (not the 1LE). Ultimately, in my mind, the SS vs GT, or LT vs V6 Mustang comparisons are more relevant to the average person, since that is what the majority of buyers are looking at. The ZL1 and 1LE vs the GT500 and Boss are indeed interesting discussions, but for most buyers, they are nothing more than discussions, as most buyers aren't buying those.

The "track pack" you are referring to on the Mustang GT is just the Brembo brake package. So equipped, it puts the Mustang GT on the same compound, but slightly smaller PZero tires, and Brembos only on the front. It basically gives the GT nothing the SS does not have. And yet, a GT out-handles an SS by a significant .05g. The GT will run even with an M3 on a race trace...the SS won't. If anything, the GT should be at a handling disadvantage to the SS, since it is SRA vs IRS, but it is not. Why?...3900lbs.

You are right that the 1LE will out-handle the GT, but since that puts you into Boss money, you can't really compare a 1LE to a GT. And the Boss pulls over 1g as well.

I'll agree that the ZL1 is a much better handler than the GT500. GT500 has never been a track car like the ZL1 was specifically designed to be. It's meant to be more of a drag racer. That's why the Boss is faster than a GT500 on a road course. GT500 also has a serious weight problem of its own.

I agree that the ZL1 is a beast that beats every version of the Mustang ever made. They basically took the Boss 302 philosophy of serious chassis upgrades to make it turn like nothing else, except they added about 150 more horsepower on top of it.

Bottom line, the old saying "more power makes you faster on the straights, less weight makes you faster everywhere" will always be true.
"Proven V-8 power with better efficiency than a turbo V-6"

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