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Originally Posted by Deki View Post
You know, I never understood why anyone calls the Camaro fat. It's slightly heavier then the Mustang, and if the Mustang had an IRS I'm sure they would be very close in weight. Calling the Camaro ugly is just fanboism at it's worst, and pretty ignorant.
It's the portly appearance. Compared to traditional sports cars, the Camaro looks overweight - like a fat girl in a prom dress. The Camaro really has to be lowered to look good - stock height makes it look like a sporty sedan.

The main problem is that the sidewalls are just too thick, and the ass looks huge. The slit windows adds to this fatty look. I think part of the reason why the ZL1 looks better is because the black rear diffusers and rocker panels makes it look slimmer and therefore sportier. Ever seen a fat swimmer/runner? Slim looks fast.
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