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Originally Posted by shaffe View Post
I somewhat disagree with just one of your points. You brought up the 67 Camaro and noted its lack of options/not being practical for a DD. That was the thing in the 60s though. You wanted that performance car, you started ticking the right option boxes and you started losing that stuff. Radio delete, no A/C etc etc that was cool back in the 60s. People are are spoiled now. Look at all the incredible cars out there and the creature comforts they have. thats why certain people are mad about not getting the chance to option it up.

And I only somewhat disagreed bc performance cars not being practical back in the 60s was alot more common than today. I think its incredible the way GM decided to build the Z/28, and I cant wait to see how it tears up the race track.
If anyone's pissed because this car won't have comforts? They're simply pansies. They have the vettes for you! Or OTHER camaros. I love the fact theirs no AC and only one speaker. Of course I'd install a radio or what not. Enough to jam some music but not enough to make it a sound machine as that's what the engine is for. I was upset for the simple fact it has a lot of exotics and that will make the price relatively high, but I understand why. If its priced accordingly, ill be selling my beauty for one as I rarely drive it and the Zwould be a rare driven car but when I do drive, I make it worth it. I love the LS7 and I do wish they'd have installed it as an upgraded option for the SS as I'd have one. Ill see what happens...

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