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Why is the very top of the lower grill have a solid piece and not have openings for air to go through ? If you look at that solid piece it is about 25% of the total lower grill , Not to mention that each lower corner has 2 solid pieces the size of a beer can that are not very pretty to look at , In fact IMO that whole lower grill is not pretty to look at, It looks like some backyard mechanic cut his bumper out too large and stuck a piece of plastic on it too cover it up . Mark said it is too give it more air flow but certainly that solid piece on the very top is not allowing air to flow through it , They should of took that away and made the bumper larger so they wouldn't need that ugly flat strip , No I do not have any degrees in anything automotive , If I am wrong fine , But if someone that does have these degrees can explain to me how that flat strip that takes up about 25% of that lower grill increases airflow then I would appreciate it , Or was this just a cosmetic thing ? If so please reconsider this in the 6th gen. , I hope I am not upsetting anyone , Not hating on the car just think it could be a little more pleasing to the eye
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