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Originally Posted by Wizard1183 View Post
If anyone's pissed because this car won't have comforts? They're simply pansies. They have the vettes for you! Or OTHER camaros. I love the fact theirs no AC and only one speaker. Of course I'd install a radio or what not. Enough to jam some music but not enough to make it a sound machine as that's what the engine is for. I was upset for the simple fact it has a lot of exotics and that will make the price relatively high, but I understand why. If its priced accordingly, ill be selling my beauty for one as I rarely drive it and the Zwould be a rare driven car but when I do drive, I make it worth it. I love the LS7 and I do wish they'd have installed it as an upgraded option for the SS as I'd have one. Ill see what happens...
Yep. I think it's awesome how they built it, but I was simply commenting on why I think some people are pissed lol
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