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Originally Posted by joeybsyc View Post
The thing about it is that just about everyone here HAS the current version, so they are naturally biased towards that one over the redesign, be it intentionally or not. Just like almost everyone who owns a '68 Camaro thinks the '68 version looks better than a '69...But ask someone who doesn't own either one what their preference is and it's usually the '69 that's considered the better looking version of the Camaro. Same kinda thing here with the 2010-13 vs the '14 redesign. I like my 2010 better, but guaranteed anyone who buys a '14 will believe theirs looks the best. Right now no one owns a '14 so it's of course everyone thinks "their" version is better.
That line of thinking doesn't apply to everyone and certainly not to me. I like to upgrade every few years to the latest and greatest. I have a 2011 2SS and was REALLY looking forward to the refresh. I generally like a refresh, just for
the sake of a refresh.

The 2012 interior refresh was nicely done. But I just can't stomach the 2014 exterior "refresh", the rear in particular. The worst part of the whole design is the squarish cavern for the license plate and the high diffuser that imposes on it. It's in VERY stark contrast to an otherwise highly sculpted car. MAJOR step backward IMO.

This "refresh" forced me to wait to see what's next before I trade my 2011.
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